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Abu Dhabi teachers to learn about web safety

wewez blog – 7dayes – Teachers across Abu Dhabi are to be taught how to protect students from risks posed by the internet.

They will be required to complete a programme called C-COPS (Certified Child Online Protection Specialist), which will see experts train them to keep children safe online.

The initiative is being undertaken by E-SAFE (Emirates Safer Internet), a new organisation launched by the UAE Ministry of Social Affairs along with Abu Dhabi Police, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development.

Working with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), E-SAFE plans to target schools as the main focus of their campaign.

“Most children in the age group of four to 18 know how to use the internet, but very few among them would know how to use the internet responsibly,” Mohammed Mustafa, CEO of E-SAFE, said.

“We want to identify that gap and develop a training programme for teachers on how to become a child online protection specialist.

“Through the programme we will teach them how to spot the children who may be exposed to cyber risk, how to deal with the children and also how to ensure the students are well informed about the risks of the internet.”

The campaign will address cyber bullying and blackmail, inappropriate content, radicalisation, access to terrorism-related content and child sex predators, among other potential threats.

“In the UAE, we have a number to report cyber-crimes, but what do you do next?” said Mustafa.

“How do you deal with the children who are addicted or affected by the harms the internet has to give?

“We will also be addressing this issue and bringing in international professionals who have experience in dealing with such problems to the UAE so we can have more specialists in the field.”

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