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Top 5 Apps To Keep You Awake While Driving

wewez Top 5 Apps To Keep You Awake While Drivingwewez – Our cars are getting filled technology day by day and distractions are numerous. Although these distractions are major road safety concern, drowsiness is also one of the reasons accidents happen. These drowsiness issues are potentially lethal and are not limited to just truck drivers. Long journeys can be monotonous and boring especially if you’re travelling alone which can turn out to be a factor towards you being asleep on the wheel. Although there is no substitute to taking regular breaks and getting adequate sleeps before going on a long journey, but there is no harm if technology can help you stay awake. Here is a list of apps that can help you keep alert during these long and monotonous drives.

1. Anti Sleep Driver


Anti Sleep Driver is a pretty straightforward app to help you keep awake. According to research, blue light is as effective as having some caffeine which keeps you awake. This app turns your whole screen blue and giving it some gaze from time to time can help you stay awake. It is not at all recommended that you use the app while driving but you can pull over on the side of the road and use the app for a while. It’s available for free for your Android devices.

2. Anti Drowse


Before you leave for a trip, simply enter the approximate time it will take you to reach your destination in Anti Drowse and then the app will buzz various sounds at intervals not known to you. Sounds will be different each time and the element of surprise keeps you alert. The app is available for iOS devices but there is also a Pro version available for 0.99 USD which has many more sounds and is Ad free.

3. Drive Awake


Drive Awake detects your eye using the front facing camera and check for wakefulness. It will sound a loud alarm if your eyes remain close for a longer than usual time. The only problem with this app is that you will have to mount your phone on your windscreen. This app is available for free on the Play Store for your Android devices and App Store for your iOS devices.

4. Driver Alarm


Driver Alarm performs similarly to Driver Awake. It keep a check on your eyes and will play a loud sound whenever you close for eyes for longer than usual. Blinking your eyes won’t sound the alarm so no worries about this app turning it into a nuisance. This driver is not only useful for a driver who is travelling alone. It can also keep a check on your front passenger, and will awake them as well to give the driver some company and even switch places whenever required. Driver Alarm is free for iOS devices.

5. Coffeewake


Coffeewake for iOS will feed you vibrations at regular intervals giving you a caffeine like jolt. It can also buzz alarms if you don’t like listening to radio or music while driving to keep you stimulated. You can tailor the alarms and vibrations on your own terms. It’s available for 0.99 USD on the App Store for your iOS devices.

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